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Our clients want greater oversight, review and management of the cost of their logistics activities by a company designed for that purpose.

Pro-Log offers:

Freight bill audit and payment.
  • We review and compare each freight bill to its bill of lading.

  • Each bill is audited for correctness, incorrect freight bills are rejected.

  • Pro-Log sends customized, weekly report of all carrier invoices.

  • Clients pay Pro-Log with one fund transfer.

  • Pro-Log handles all the paperwork.
Individualized pricing negotiation for clients.
  • For each Pro-Log client we begin with a program of pricing and negotiation of service levels based upon the needs of that client.

  • Initial carrier selection is based upon a service/price proposal for your specific requirements, unencumbered by the activity of an unrelated corporation.

  • We negotiate the very best combination of service and price.

  • You select your carriers.

  • Pricing becomes simplified; your freight rates are reduced and stabilized.

  • Routing guides are prepared for internal staff and your suppliers.

  • Carrier compliance reports are the basis for your ability to maximize the opportunity to control and reduce your transportation cost.
Freight activity review and optimization.
  • Continually gather comprehensive information about your transport activity.

  • Analyze client data and the impact of changing supply chain requirements.

  • Options and recommendations to optimize price and service.

  • Assist in the implementation of program changes with suppliers.
Ongoing pricing review and carrier management.
  • We continue to review our clients’ current pricing structure and carrier proposals for service.

  • Our clients rely upon us to minimize or eliminate carrier rate increases.

  • New carrier proposals are reviewed for potential lower cost options.

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